CC0 Public Domain
CC0 Public Domain

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of our new comprehensive REST API for Rigor Optimization! Built from the ground up to grow with Rigor’s products, the new API allows you:

  1. Create, Read, Update and Delete Performance Tests
  2. Create a new Snapshot, view and delete existing Snapshots
  3. View performance defect details inside a Snapshot
  4. View site content details inside a Snapshot

You can dive in right now by checking out our online API documentation:

View API Documentation

More Information

The Optimization API was built from the ground up to be easily consumed by your internal tools and build environment. Imagine, for example, launching a suite of new Zoompf Performance Snapshots against your website every time you publish an update to your internal staging environment. If any new performance defects were found, you could automatically log them in your defect tracker without ever logging into the Optimization application. This is now possible with the new API.

To get started, check out our interactive API tester linked off our API documentation homepage. You’ll see a full list of all available methods, and detail on the URL structure, HTTP method and response schema and samples.

For example:


The API tester is available for anyone to browse, you don’t have to be an active Optimization customer. If you are an Optimization customer, though, you can also plug in your API token and test out the methods. Of course, be careful as you’re testing live data from your account. (You can create a read-only user in your account for testing to help if you want). When you run the tester, you’ll see full details on the request URL and headers sent, as well as a live example of the expected results.

For example:


You can send and receive content in JSON or XML, and the API has built-in support for versioning directly in the request URL to ensure your implementation does not break as we roll out new features down the road. For more information on how this is implemented, check out our API Documentation.

There are also a number of sorting, filtering and paging options available for each method, so dive on into the documentation to see what goodies await. And of course, if it’s missing something, Contact Us and tell us what you’d like to see!

We’re really excited about this new API, and hope you find great value in pulling the rich data of Optimization into your internal processes. This API will be the cornerstone of all new Optimization features, so you can look forward to many great new capabilities in the future.

Rigor offers comprehensive web performance monitoring and performance optimization solutions. If you want to learn more about Rigor, or try out the new Optimization API, Contact Us to start a trial today.