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Today we are excited to announce a new addition to Rigor Monitoring: our new API Check.


Rigor Monitoring is already the premier synthetic monitoring app allowing us to capture, trend, and alert on performance data proactively, 24/7. With our new API Check, Rigor extends those capabilities into the world of first and third party APIs. API Check allows us to monitor and alert on key aspects of an API endpoint, or a flow of API calls that represents an action critical to a business. For example, we can:

  1. Track the availability of critical APIs
  2. Capture and trend an API’s response time
  3. Ensure API functionality by validating the API’s response values and structure
  4. Alert on any conditions indicating a broken or poorly performing API

Thanks to the rise of microservices, the spread of single page web apps, and the continued dominance of native mobile apps, APIs are the engines that drives modern applications and infrastructure. Using Rigor Monitoring provides critical oversight to ensure these APIs are performing at the speed of business and sends notifications of issues before those issues impact customers.


How API Check Solves For Your Needs

Rigor’s API Checks are built upon four simple concepts:

  1. Making HTTP requests
  2. Extracting data from responses
  3. Saving data for use in additional requests or analysis
  4. Making assertions about data, and its format

The components are simple, but powerful. Like a fractal, sometimes beautiful and complicated things can be made by arranging the most basic building blocks. Rigor’s API Check uses simple pieces that can be assembled together for test cases capable of monitoring and verifying some of the most complicated API flows.

Rigor worked closely with customers during the development and beta testing of the API Check to make sure this simple approach would make the check easy to understand while covering customer needs. One of our beta testers was a company called Lookout, a leader vendor of mobile security solutions. Here is what Dean Ross-Smith, a Cloud Operations Engineer at Lookout had to say:

“The flexibility of Rigor’s new API Check allowed Lookout to configure a check and monitor a critical piece of infrastructure. We weren’t able to do this before with other solutions.”

Whether an API is powering a web property, a mobile app, or even the core infrastructure of your business, Rigor’s API Check ensure that API is available, performing, and functional, in ways that users of any technical level can understand. Here are just a few of the business needs that our API Check can solve:

  • Testing complex, multi-step API flows
  • Monitoring availability and response time from geographies around the world
  • Tracking and enforcing performance SLAs of third party APIs
  • Verifying correctness of API responses
  • Testing the entire CRUD lifecycle of a data object via an API
  • Handling complex token-based API authentication systems
  • Monitoring application status pages

To get the full details and technical walk through, read more about API Check on the Rigor Knowledge Base.


Do you have an application dependent on first party or third party APIs? Do you provide data to your customers via an API? Do you need great transparency into the availability, functionality, and performance of an API? The answer to any of those questions is the new API Check for Rigor Monitoring. To learn more about Rigor’s web performance products and to start a free trial, contact us today.

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