From improving brand perception to conversion rates, website performance is a critical component of a company’s bottom line. This is why performance should no longer be viewed as just the engineering or development team’s job.

Unfortunately, outside of Google Analytics many Marketers and Retailers have little to no insight into their site’s performance or how their content impacts site speed.

Traditional performance monitoring platforms are built for technical users. These tools are difficult to impossible for non-technical users to leverage to understand how content is impacting performance or what changes need to be made to optimize their site. Meanwhile, business users want to spend less time digging through data and more time making actionable plans to fix issues on their sites. Complicated software of the past that require downloads and interpretation of immense stores of data can get in the way of these actions.

At Rigor, our goal is to help all users deliver fast and reliable digital experiences for their end users, regardless of technical know how.

Here are 5 examples of how Rigor develops software with the business user in mind:

1. Actionable Insights with Step-by-Step Instructions

Optimization automates the steps a performance engineer would take to identify defects on your site and gives you easy, step-by-step instructions on how to resolve these performance bugs.

Know where to start to keep your sites fast and to make the biggest impact on the digital customer experience, allowing you to deploy updates with greater speed and confidence

2. Easily Assign Defects by Role/Department

Performance is a team sport.

One of the biggest challenges can be getting everyone on the same page. You could manually assign defects, or you could triage them with Rigor. Doing so can help unify your DevOps, business and marketing teams because everyone will be working off the same data and it will be clear who is responsible for what actions.

Rigor Ops Dash

3. Visibility into 1st vs. 3rd Party Content

Third party content can oftentimes be a leading culprit of slow load times. You might know third parties are affecting your performance, but do you know the worst offenders?

The Content Explorer within Optimization provides this visibility. This interactive visualization tool can help you better understand the size, location, and makeup of all the content loaded by a webpage.

As a result, you can quickly identify oversized resources and third-party resources that may have been included unintentionally on a site and easily “drill down” on individual components to discover where the largest potential performance optimization gains can be made, download optimized versions, and learn more about the impact of related performance defects.

4. Visual Evidence to Provide Context for Data

Rigor’s new Film Strip feature provides a video recording of every run, capturing everything the user sees while the page is loading. This visual record of the page load makes it much easier to understand how changes to your site and key metrics impact what the user is experiencing. This enables you to more effectively respond to performance issues, as well as build a faster site.

5. Optimized Image Reports  

Rigor Optimization allows users to optimize their images in one swipe. Users can then download the image and plug it into their site instantly. No degree in CS required!  

Across the web, developers refer to image optimization as the “low-hanging fruit” because it’s an obvious, relatively easy performance problem to solve that makes a huge impact on site speed. Here’s an example of how simple image optimizations reduced page load time by 26%.

We know business users want concise, simple software that is powerful and easy-to-understand. Simplicity and user experience have become central to all SaaS companies as of late. SOASTA, now a part of Akamai, explains in greater detail the case for making site performance a priority not just for developers, but for the business managers and executives.

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