As we kick off a new year at Team Rigor we are probably doing some of the same things as you–setting resolutions for 2018 while looking back at 2017. There are so many accomplishments that we are proud of (Inc. 500 list, anyone?), and we distilled some of our favorites below.

Onwards and upward!

2017 was a year of tremendous growth for us, both professionally and personally. We welcomed ten new employees, including our most recent hire, Chief Customer Officer, Francis Cordon, celebrated two weddings, and added five new, very small, Rigorians to our ranks.Rigor Culture

Get Stuff Done

Building a fast-growing company takes communication, and lots of it. We depend on Slack to collaborate, dream big, and get stuff done. Rigor Messaging

MVP: Rigor Engineering

Our Engineering team went above and beyond this year. From decreasing our hosting spend significantly to releasing new features, such as Performance KPIs and Network Throttling, our Engineering team is the engine that drives Rigor.Rigor Engineering

Customers First

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and the reason for our success, which is why we put an increased focus on putting our customers first in all that we do. We formalized this as one of our Core Values and hired a Chief Customer Officer to put it into action with our Client Success team.

Not only does our Client Success team write helpful articles for our Knowledge Base, but they also address any support issues that may arise, coordinate customer on-site visits, and ensure customers are implemented properly.Rigor Customer First

Living Our Core Values

Our Core Values permeate all that we do. Our quarterly retreats are an opportunity for us to #DoTheRightThing and give back to our community. This year we did everything from pulling weeds in Piedmont Park to organizing merchandise at the Lost and Found thrift store. For all the good we accomplished this year, we even made time to relax and enjoy perks such as massage days. Rigor Values

On the Road

Team Rigor spends a lot of time on the road. This year, our field marketing team stayed busy giving us many opportunities to interact with our customers both on the road and in our hometown of Atlanta. We are already planning our 2018 events; stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter.Rigor Events


We had a busy 2017, and we are excited about what is to come in 2018. If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to make your digital experience a priority, reach out. We’d love to chat about how we can help you reach your performance goals!


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