Rigor, a leading provider of Digital Experience Monitoring solutions has named Francis Cordón as Chief Customer Officer. In this newly created executive role, Cordón will lead Rigor’s customer strategy and execution, ensuring all departments contribute to delivering world class service and a unified experience across the entire customer journey.

“Francis has developed an impeccable reputation as a strategic thinker. By keeping customers front and center, he will help us continue to drive innovation within the Digital Experience Monitoring arena. Having served in both supplier and customer roles throughout his career, Francis has a unique understanding of customer expectations in the digital age and will ensure Rigor’s clients are adopting all facets of our platform to drive competitive advantage,” said Craig Hyde, CEO of Rigor.

“I am pleased to join the Leadership team and look forward to providing a comprehensive view of the customer at Rigor. I am passionate about establishing a results-oriented, industry-recognized performance practice. This will help organizations evolve and achieve clearly documented levels of ROI by eliminating outages and improving application performance,” Francis commented. He added, “My main focus will be to help create a customer-centric culture within Rigor by aligning all departments under the umbrella of customer satisfaction and taking ownership of our customers’ success at all levels of the company.”

As of September 30th, 2017, Rigor achieved its largest new logo quarter in company history. So, now is the right time to have Cordón lead all technical, customer-facing teams, such as pre-sales engineering, professional services, technical support, and ongoing client success focused on creating a smooth, positive, and valuable customer experience.

Prior to Rigor, Cordón held roles at Performance Management Software vendors including HP (as well as a previous Mercury Interactive reseller), Compuware, Dynatrace, and Turbonomic, helping Fortune 500 organizations achieve their performance and efficiency goals. He also ran Performance Architecture and the Application Performance Management practice at The Bank Of New York Mellon across the application lifecycle, from development to production.

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