At Rigor, we love testing the functionality and performance of APIs. In fact, we literally wrote an e-Book on it! That’s why we are excited to announce the beta release of APITester.com! API Tester is the easiest way to test and collaborate on web APIs.

API Tester

What API Tester Does

API Tester provides cloud-based API testing. There are no clunky browser plugins or thick desktop apps to install. Just go to apitester.com, and start testing your web-based APIs from anywhere, even your phone.

API Tester is an easy-to-use but powerful free product with the ability to scale from testing a simple RESTful API endpoint to testing API flows spanning multiple API calls. In fact, one of Rigor’s major media customers uses the product to test an entire over-the-top streaming video service for NBA games!

How is this possible? The tests in API Tester are comprised of a series of steps, such as: make a request, extract a JSON variable, or make an assertion. Individually, these components are simple, but they can be arranged to build powerful tests and validate complex API flows. Think of it like LEGOs: Simple plastic bricks that when combined properly can create beautiful things.

Like JSFiddle for APIs

One of the biggest features of API Tester is that you can share the tests you configure with others. This creates an interactive example that anyone can use.

Think of API Tester like JSFiddle or CodePen, but for APIs. It provides a public playground to create, iterate, and share tests for APIs. Is support trying to help a customer properly use your application’s API? Send them a shared test! Using Stack Overflow to get technical help or to answer someone’s question? Use a shared test to provide an interactive example!

For instance, here is an interactive test that shows you how to use the Rigor Optimization API to pull a list of tests. Likewise, here is an interactive test that shows someone how to use an online store’s job processing system.

This powerful feature allows you to collaborate and share tests with ease.

Unlock Saved Test Suites with a Free API Tester Account

All the features above–the ability to create a test, run it, or share it–are available on API Tester for free and without an account or login needed.

But, perhaps you want to create a suite of API tests, keep a history of them, or run them at any time.

Simply click the “Save to Account” button and do just that.

By creating a free API Tester account, you can:

  • Create and re-run multiple tests
  • See a complete results history of every time the test was run
  • Create a share link to the specific results of a test run

Here is an example.

I’m a developer working on a mobile app for a retailer with both online and brick and mortar stores. I’m doing some dev work on the store locator and the “Ship to a store” functionality of the app. I want to make sure I don’t break the API with my changes, so I create a handful of API tests and save them to my API Tester account. After I check in an update to the API backend code, I use API Tester to bulk run all my API tests and ensure that I don’t have any performance or functional regressions:

API Tester All Tests

Awesome! With just two clicks I have done a full regression test of my API endpoints. But it looks like something broke in the Product Pre-order API. Let’s click in to see what it is.


API Tester shows I can make the request, and extract out a product ID, but that it is not in the right format. My team member, Chapman, was working on the inventory system, and it looks like he introduced a bug that is returning the wrong product ID.

By providing some context and an example of what I’ve seen, I can help Chapman resolve this issue. Since I have a free account, this test result is automatically stored and I can create a share link to send the test to Chapman so he can see exactly what I am seeing:


As a result, we are able to work together to fix this bug and ship our update.

Start Testing your APIs Today!

With all of our products, Rigor equips teams to build fast and reliable digital experiences. The launch of API Tester helps you do just that by making it easier than ever to test and collaborate on Web APIs. By bookmarking API Tester and integrating it into your workflow, you can ensure that your APIs are working properly; and, if they aren’t, you can pinpoint the hangup and respond accordingly. Give it a try today!

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