More than ever, APIs and microservices are the driving forces behind modern web applications. From connecting multiple social media platforms – for example, posting from Instagram to Facebook or Twitter – to connecting sets of data – such as, pinning our location on a map so we can check-in on social or hail a ride, APIs are essential to web applications of all stripes.

Your users depend on you to deliver timely, useful content. It is likely you also rely on APIs performing and returning data correctly, quickly, securely, and reliably. APIs very well might drive your business, but are you in control of your API performance?

For too many, the answer to this question is “I guess not…?” If a mission-critical API malfunctions, it is imperative that you know not only that your API is down, but are also able to pinpoint the exact point of failure.

Don’t let monitoring your API performance be just an afterthought. Learn about how APIs function and how you can make sure they are working as expected for end users in our eBook “APIs in Action: A Guide to Monitoring APIs for Performance”.

To further amplify your API aptitude, join us for a webinar on March 30 at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

During this webinar, our Director of Product, Billy Hoffman, will describe the risks associated with failing to monitor API performance, outline best practices for API monitoring, and host an interactive time for questions and answers. All webinar attendees will also receive a FREE Rigor API Check for 6 months!


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