Pete Mansel is one of the newest Rigor team members. He brings more than 20 years of sales experience and is taking Rigor to higher heights. To learn more about Pete, take a look at the following questions and answers.

Pete Mansel at RigorPete Mansel, VP of Sales

Why did you choose to join Rigor?

Throughout our discussion, I could feel the energy, passion and excitement during each interaction with members of the cross-functional teams.  Everyone seemed to be operating with a sense of urgency, a leading indicator on the type of company I was looking for, yet firmly grounded in their core values.  Also, after speaking with reference customers, they were very complimentary of Rigor’s customer success organization which is one of its competitive differentiators.

From a market perspective, it’s very clear the opportunity for Rigor is nothing short of tremendous. Companies across the globe are racing toward Digital Transformation, creating new products and services for delivery through digital channels.  Not only are they trying to gain competitive advantage, but today’s leaders already recognize that providing a world-class digital user experience is no longer a “nice to have.”  

In July 2016, a joint survey released from KPMG and Forbes Insights “reveals that only one in five companies is truly delivering business value through digital programs.  The research shows a widening gap between digitally advanced organizations and those that are only beginning to explore or implement digital strategies.”  

Rigor is enabling our customers to provide a better digital user experience for their customers.  Digital properties must constantly be monitored and optimized as they are often the customer’s first engagement point with your brand.  Given time to market is critical, and the shift away from monolithic legacy suites, we are well positioned to accelerate our customers time to value.

How do you create an Enterprise Sales culture?

That’s a bit of the secret sauce gained over 22+ years, but let’s just say I’ve managed to extract the good stuff along the way.  It begins with having everyone clear and aligned on the expectations.  Then, providing the team with the resources needed to be successful through training, mentoring and engaging — and most of all, empowering them to make it happen.

What’s the best sales advice you’ve ever received?

Good question.  I appreciated all the advice.  Some better than others for sure, but overall, the dialog with career mentors helped guide my thinking for the best path forward.  Overall, to wake up each day knowing we have to operate with a sense of urgency.  Our job is to move the ball forward “Today”….Not next week, not end of month…the business won’t happen unless we’re getting after it.

Describe your most satisfying sale.

Sure, I like them all! A win is a win…

What are you most excited about now that you’ve joined the Rigor family?

The opportunity to help accelerate Rigor’s growth, building on their success to date and becoming a disruptor within our market.  More importantly, having a chance to make a difference in people’s lives, sharing best practices I’ve gained from some of the world’s best.


To read more about our Vice President of Sales Pete Mansel, take a look at the official press release.

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