Today we are excited to announce 5 new locations to our global monitoring network, including our first locations ever in India and in Canada! The new monitoring locations are: Mumbai, Montreal, Italy, The Netherlands, and Ohio.

 Rigor Locations

In the last 8 months, Rigor has nearly doubled the number of testing locations in our monitoring network.

new-locations-dropdown Rigor Locations

In today’s highly connected world, website traffic can come from anywhere at any time. With these new global locations, Rigor enables website owners to track critical performance metrics from regions around the globe. Rigor allows you to test performance metrics while an application is under development, to verify you are meeting the required level of responsiveness for your global audience. Rigor also allows you to monitor that application once its in production to ensure performance doesn’t degrade.

These new locations are available as part of our new RBCv3 platform, which launched earlier this month. You can use these new locations by looking under the Advanced tab for your Real Browser, API, and Uptime checks. For additional information on Rigor locations, consult our knowledge base.

Our continuous monitoring provides 24/7 performance visibility of your website’s performance and availability.  To learn more about Rigor’s web performance products, 

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