Whether you pronounce them “GIFs” or “JIFs” there’s no denying that the almost 30 year old image format has been having a moment. We all loves GIFs – especially animated GIFs – for expressing how we feel on the web or sharing short video clips. Sometimes we even use them for static images. And while the cultural movement around GIFs is going strong, the impact of GIFs on web performance can be a bear. Because GIFs were not designed to support animation, prominent use of this file type is prone to unwanted page weights, slow loading, and poor user experiences.

In The Book of Gif: A Comprehensive Guide to GIF Optimization you’ll learn what steps you can take today to optimize GIFs for web performance. In this downloadable ebook you’ll find:

  • Step-by-step guides for optimizing static and animated GIFs
  • Estimated web performance savings for each optimization technique
  • Links to tools and pre-built packages that can help make optimization even easier
  • References to more than 30 unique technical articles on compression, encoding, browser support, and more
  • The Book of GIF’s web reader version – because GIFs are way more fun in your browser than they are in print
  • Access to a FREE Rigor Optimization Report so you can see potential savings for optimizing GIFs on your site today


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  • cHaOsPiRaTiOnS

    I LOVE GIFs! Why are they important for businesses or other online entities? Because they actively engage a viewer who is scrolling “in the zone” searching for something to catch their eye. That’s what animated GIFs do, they “catch the eye” and make content stand out. People are hungry for engaging content on social media. If you are not using GIFs + hashtags + maybe an emoji… your posts are more likely to be scrolled over without a second look. I’m sharing this article, thanks for this information!