Earlier this month I was invited to speak at the Atlanta Web Performance Meetup group. My topic was Optimizing HTML5 Video, something I have covered extensibly on this blog. We had a large turn out and the audience asked some great questions. One attendee was kind enough to post this feedback on our message board:


The entire reason I started looking at video content in general, and HTML5 video specifically, is how shrouded in mystery online video is. While many people know various lossless and lossy optimization techniques as well as tooling for optimizing static images, video content is largely a black box. Most people are unfamiliar with ways to optimize video beyond "make sure to encode it properly".

Strangely, while the overall education level about how to optimize video content is low, the importance of optimizing video is high and only growing. After all, more and more websites are using video content in many forms: for Animated GIFs of video clips and memes, for hero "videos" instead of hero images, and of course for standards-compliant, plug-in free video streaming.

To help websites stay fast when using video, I've posted the slides from my presentation below and on SlideShare. In it, I show both lossless and lossy optimizations for common video formats, discuss techniques to reduce streaming latency and improve startup speeds, and provide a checklist of common optimizations to check. I show how to do all of this using only free and open source tools. I even use real world examples of where people have made online video mistakes, including the front page of a web performance company that, I kid you not, is using a 24 megabyte MP4 as a background image.

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