We’re pleased to announce our new and improved Page and Domain Performance Reports. These reports now provide more actionable data by trending on a variety of metrics, including DOM load time (render time), resource timings, error counts, and page size. As an added bonus, we also upgraded our charting library to give you the best visualization features.


You can view a Page or Domain Performance Report by clicking on the “Reports” dropdown on any Real Browser check.


The report displays the total time for a given page or domain by default, but you can easily select a different metric from the dropdown menu.


Alongside adding more metrics, we also rebuilt these charts using Highcharts. As with other charts in Rigor, you can zoom in on data points or download an image of the chart to share with others.


Next Steps

We know that data visualizations are integral to understanding and improving your site’s performance, which is why we’re already hard at work making these reports even better. If you’re looking for new ways to view your Rigor data, please let us know what you’d like to see.


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