Multi-Browser LandscapeIn recent years, client-side browsers have been more involved with processing code before it reaches the user’s desktop, shifting away from a reliance on servers handling the bulk of this burden. Websites and applications now rely more on a user’s browser to execute code and render page content for visualization. At the same time, the landscape of the web is one where multiple browsers share the Internet, with no single one browser holding predominance. As different browsers act and perform differently, it is important to make sure that your website or web application is functioning and accessible on major browsers without any loss in performance quality.

According to research data from Forrester Research:

  • A consistent, top-notch web experience across web browsers has been found to show a 41% decrease in page abandonment, meaning that consumers are more likely to visit your business and stay longer on your sites.
  • 14.4% more consumers are willing to purchase when a website or application has good consistent quality across platforms and browsers.
  • In fact, they found that there is also a 200% higher visit-to-order conversion rate with consistent, superb quality.

You should always make sure to test your web and mobile performance on major browsers to ensure that they actually perform well for the majority of Internet users.

Using Rigor, you can conduct Real Browser Checks to make sure that you site is performing up to par on a range of browsers. Rigor allows for user flow testing on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer, which will allow you to measure end-user experience for the vast majority of Internet users. You can use Rigor to be confident that you are accurately delivering consistent quality to your clients and consumers even across various platforms.

Try Rigor to see how your site performs from various browsers.

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