With 95% of direct-to-consumer companies planning mobile initiatives in 2011, mobile shopping is one of the fastest growing aspects of ecommerce. According to a study on “The Mobile Shopping Revolution,” by Lightspeed Research, 48% or mobile phone owners have made a purchase via their mobile phone in 2010. The survey also revealed that almost half of the respondents preferred making purchases using their mobile device versus visiting a product’s web site.

In addition to making purchases, the survey results showed that large percentages of mobile phone users are also using their mobile phones to make decisions about their purchases by “locating nearby stores (80%), comparing prices (70%), reading product reviews (65%), checking product availability (57%), and finding more information on a retailer (56%).”

Similar to web presence, mobile presence plays a vital role in maintaining brand awareness and sales volume. Therefore, mobile presence and accessibility should be tested and monitored in the same manner as web presence. Monitoring your mobile applications and mobile sites with Rigor will enable the following questions to be answered:

  • Can users authenticate with (log in) and utilize my mobile application?
  • Is my mobile website performing as expected?
  • How does my application perform before and after code is altered?
  • How does my application perform at various times during the day?
  • Are users able to make purchases via my mobile website without error?
  • What is the quality of my mobile content versus web content?


Rigor allows you to answer the above questions by externally interrogating your mobile apps and mobile sites from hosted monitoring stations, testing the performance and availability of services. Standard validation checks are preconfigured to ensure services are executing correctly and efficiently. Next to standard checks, a set of customized rules verify these same services are producing data that is both accurate and relevant to your design.

Interested to see how your mobile applications are performing? Register for a trial Rigor account here to take a look.

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