Continuous insight into your
API performance

Proactive, API Monitoring ensures APIs & web services are fast, functional, and reliable.

The Value of API Monitoring

APIs power modern digital experiences

APIs are the connective tissue underpinning the modern age of digital transformation. From the rise of microservices, the spread of single page web applications (SPAs), to the dominance of native mobile apps, organizations rely on APIs to power their businesses. When an API fails, it disrupts the performance and user experience of your websites and apps, putting your business reputation (and potentially revenue) at risk.  Proactive, continuous monitoring of the API services to ensure availability, functionality and reliability of your critical business processes has never been more critical than it is today.

Better API Insights

Gain clear visibility into the performance and functionality of first- and third-party API services, API management providers, microservices, multi-step flows, and single-page applications (SPAs).

Pinpoint & Resolve API Failures Quickly

Continuously monitor all your first- and third-party APIs to verify the availability, response time, and data quality for these transactions. Proactively monitor single endpoints or critical application flows across multiple APIs.

Reduce Root Cause Analysis and MTTR

Easily identify the root cause of failure in service-oriented environments so you can spend your time fixing issues rather than hunting for them.

Minimize the Business Impact of API Failures

Gaps in API performance don’t only impact UX of your web apps, but also disrupt workflow efficiencies, hurt brand reputation, and can lead to significant revenue loss. Find, fix and prevent API issues earlier to drive better business outcomes.


API Tester

Try a light version or Rigor API Check on a single API endpoint or simple multi-step flow to get a sneak peek.
How Rigor can help

Proactively monitor APIs and web services

Rigor provides the simplest solution to ensure availability, functionality and data quality of your most critical data transactions.

Monitor all first- and third-party APIs and web services
Continuously monitor availability, response time, and data quality of APIs and web services.
Gain visibility into performance of complex or fragmented systems.
Create Rigor API checks using simple building blocks with an easy, drag-and-drop user interface. No coding required.
Flexible enough to monitor single API end points or an business flow that feeds data from one API endpoint .
Set global reusable variables. Define API tokens once and reuse anywhere.
Rigor supports sending, parsing, and extracting all payload formats (JSON or XML).
Modify data or perform complex validation using your own JavaScript for maximum flexibility.
Test the entire CRUD lifecycle of a data object via an API
Alerts that work the way you do
Trigger alerts based on errors, timings, or any data in the HTTP request or response.
Flexible alerting allows you to notify only the teams and stakeholders when APIs fail.
Set alerting thresholds that reflect your performance goals.
Flexible alerting methods include phone, SMS, email.
Integrate easily into your existing workflow by pushing notifications into with Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Datadog and custom webhook integrations.
Resolve API failures fast
Identify issues with multi-step API flows across both managed and third party APIs to quickly resolve failures before they impact your user.
Easily pinpoint API failures even across complex, fragmented systems.
Easily identify the root cause of failure in service-oriented environments and spend your time fixing issues rather than hunting for them.
Visualize API availability trends over time
Visualize and share API availability trends over time.
Reporting on availability and response time from geographies around the world.
Flexible reporting and executive dashboarding available.
Tracking, reporting & enforcing performance SLAs of third-party APIs.

The Guide to Monitoring API Performance

In this whitepaper, explore best practices and frameworks to effectively monitoring API performance.

API Monitoring
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the free tool and Rigors full API monitoring solution?

Rigor is a free tool from Rigor designed to be used for single point in time available check and manual purposes.

Data is not collected or trended over time, but rather shows you only the current availability of the API or flow at the time of the test. Useful to spot check, but does not provide the assurance of a monitoring and alerting solution.

Rigor’s full solution is an enterprise-grade solution collects data, tracks, trends and provides an always-on solution for understanding API performance over time, across complex systems.

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Why monitor API flows?

Monitoring a single API endpoint is a good place to start. However, most appliances don’t just use a single API. They use a flow of APIs: data from API 1 is sent to API 2, data from API 2 is used to compute new information, which is then passed on to API 3. Knowing that the individual API endpoints are available, fast, and functional doesn’t give you the whole picture. Only by testing the entire flow can you ensure the API is working.

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What are the most important metrics to measure API performance?

The most successful companies monitor and alert on multiple metrics for APIs, since each reveals a different aspect of performance or where a problem could be:

1. Availability: Tells you if the API is available from different locations
2. Connection time: Slow connection time can indicate the API endpoint is overloaded or has too many simultaneous users.
3. Response time: Slow response times indicate backend problems with the application or data sources
4. Status Code and Response Data: Getting a response back quickly doesn’t matter if its an error, or doesn’t contain the data that you are expecting. You should make assertions about the response to validate the API is functioning.

Why monitor APIs?

APIs are the heroes of the modern web. 

The rise of microservices, single-page web apps, and the continued dominance of native mobile apps have made API a mission-critical component of most organizations.

APIs drive modern applications and infrastructure, so it’s critical to understand how APIs are impacting our businesses.

When an API fails it disrupts the performance and user experience of your site, putting your business reputation (and potentially revenue) at risk.

Customer Testimonials

Shop LC Review Rigor


CTO, Shop LC
Rigor helps us identify web performance issues before they impact our user’s experience, and enables us to make intelligent, data-driven business decisions.


Dir. Site Reliability, Grubhub
Being able to confidently make data-driven decisions is the greatest value Rigor brings to our team.
Blue Apron Reviews Rigor


Dir. Engineering, Blue Apron
From testing new features to identifying easy performance wins, Rigor Optimization is helping us integrate performance testing into our development life cycle as we speak!
Akamai reviews Rigor


Site Reliability Team
The new performance metrics will for sure bring additional value during the data and performance analysis!


Digital Team
Rigor has beyond exceeded our expectations!


DevOps Manager, Decker's
If there is an availability or performance issue, Rigor is definitely one of the first to spot it!


Vice President
With Rigor’s third-party management data, we can identify hang-ups, hold partners accountable, and chart a course of action to improve performance.
Carnival Cruise Line Reviews Rigor


Sr. Performance & Monitoring Architect
We are not only using Rigor Optimization in our development process; we also use it with our marketing and content teams to better catch any possible application layer issues such as image sizing and compression.

Matthew Justice

Director Engineering
Rigor has been instrumental in alerting us when we have a page or endpoint outage. Having external validation is critical for our team.
Shop LC Review Rigor

Vineet Vishisht

CTO, Shop LC
Rigor has been instrumental in alerting us when we have a page or endpoint outage. Having external validation is critical for our team

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