Global, Reusable Variables

Define API Tokens once, reuse everywhere


Rigor supports sending, parsing, and extracting all payload formats


Modify data or perform complex validation using your own JavaScript code for maximum flexibility

CSS and Web Fonts

Critical path rendering, selectors, style declarations, font format optimizations

Monitor API availability

Guarantee the performance and functionality of an entire transaction or business flow by requesting data from one API, modifying its format, and passing that new data on to another API.

Establish thresholds for performance measurement

Rigor allows you to set alerting thresholds that reflect your individual performance goals. That way you can easily track and receive alerts on metrics that matter most.

Proactively test your API functional use cases

In service-oriented environments, it’s better to ensure you get ahead of defects before they impact your end user. Rigor’s ability to pinpoint failures equips you to spend your time fixing hangups rather than hunting for them.

Pinpoint Failures