Our Core Values drive the way we do business. They are:

customer first

Customer First

We make every decision with our customers at the forefront. We win when our customers win.

Rigor Core Value - Be Genuine

Be Genuine

At Rigor we accept and celebrate what makes us unique.

Rigor Core Value - Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing

We seek to make thoughtful, ethical decisions for employees, clients, the business, and the community.

Rigor Core Value - Own Your Work

Own Your Work

Our team members are empowered to take ownership of the results of their work and encouraged to maintain a sustainable hustle.

Rigor Core Value - Win as a Team

Win as a Team

We focus on winning outcomes, are team-oriented and generous. We celebrate team wins, help each other along the way, and appreciate everyone’s unique and important contribution.

Rigor Core Value - Improve Everyday

Improve Every Day

We maintain a continual focus on making things better — the business, our team,  and ourself. We seek to learn from mistakes and strive for greatness.

Rigor Core Value - Use Resources Wisely

Use Resources Wisely

Time and money are finite resources, so we aim to make the most out of both.