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Rigor’s continuous monitoring and alerting equip you to track common, mission-critical flows from the end-user perspective, detect performance problems instantaneously, and correct bugs before they impact your users and your bottom line.


Keeping a finger on the pulse of your website performance is important, but real gains are achieved when you leverage that data to make smart, strategic improvements. Rigor equips you with actionable insights to optimize performance in your development cycle. With Optimization, Rigor helps you create and deliver faster. Win-win.

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"We’ve started this process by not only using Optimization from a development perspective; we also use it with our marketing and content teams to better catch any possible application layer issues such as image sizing and compression."

Erick Leon - Carnival Cruise Line

Erick leon Senior Performance and Monitoring Architect at Carnival Cruise Lines

"Before we started using Rigor, we experienced a large number of false positives waking us up at all hours of the night."

Matthew Justice

Matthew Justice Director of Engineering at TicketCity

"When something happens in Rigor it goes directly to the people who need to look at it, which has helped us mitigate downtime in many situations."

Lewis P. Gaines, DevOps Engineer at Kabbage

Lewis P. Gaines DevOps Engineer at Kabbage

"Rigor’s Performance KPIs are particularly useful in creating a culture of performance because they provide insight into incremental changes."

Scott Jungling, Front-End Engineering Manger, Build.com

Scott JunglingFront-end Engineering Manager, Build.com

"Ultimately, Rigor helps us make our products faster, more usable, and more accessible for all. This is why I think Rigor is the best tool in the market."

Alla Gringaus, Creative Director, UX and Visual Designer, The American Kennel Club

Alla GringausCreative Director, UX and Visual Designer, The American Kennel Club

"With Rigor’s third party data, we can identify hang-ups, hold partners accountable, and chart a course of action to improve performance."

Curtis CorlVice President, Dollar Tree

"The ability to use a tool that can provide multiple data points (such as uptime, page performance, and market comparison) and confidence metrics (specifically with the API Check) allows a business to be extremely nimble with feature and product roadmaps."

Mark Sost, Senior Director of Software Engineering, SoulCycle

Mark SostSenior Director of Software Engineering, SoulCycle

"Rigor helps us identify web performance issues before they impact our user’s experience, and enables us to make intelligent, data-driven business decisions."

Vineet Vashisht, Chief Technology Officer, VGL Group

Vineet VashishtChief Technology Officer, VGL Group

"Rigor has changed the way we work internally to shift our discussion from various measurements and tools to actually focusing on the performance improvements necessary to make our websites consistently load faster."

Ryan Schmidt, Director of Web Technology, Trusted Media Brands

Ryan SchmidtDirector of Web Technology, Trusted Media Brands

"With Rigor, we were able to demonstrate a 37% page load performance gain from our legacy site platform to our new site platform."

David Thomas, Chief Technology Officer, Clique Media Group

David D. ThomasChief Technology Officer, Clique Media Group

"Rigor provided us with reliable performance data that’s easy to consume. The reporting system is easy to use and the customizable reports make it easy to share relevant data with multiple teams."

Mike Jung, Project Manager, Liquid Web

Mike JungProject Manager, Liquid Web