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The Atlanta-based company launched operations out of its founder’s basement in 2007 with a $6,000 investment and hit profitability later that year.  The founders Paul D’Arrigo, Eugenio Fernandez and Richard Scalesse invested all of their profits back into the company. Since then, this online retailer has been doing things uniquely and has seen great success in their industry, growing exponentially into a Top 10 pro audio retailer in the US and experiencing an astonishing 2,461% growth over its first 3 years and landing it on the prestigious Inc. 500 list.

As musicians themselves, the founders believe in providing customers with a unique buying experience that can minimize the stress that comes from online shopping. To that end the company has adopted a content and commerce idea to music equipment, pushing out hundreds of videos demo-ing various pieces of music technology, recording techniques, and other how-to’s.

We spoke with Co-Founder and CEO Paul D’Arrigo about working with Rigor.

If we weren't running Rigor's monitoring system, our lost sales would have continued to go undetected

Why did you need synthetic monitoring?

For us, Saturday night should be one of the busiest nights of the week. Live concerts are rocking and we expected a post-concert rush of music fiends looking to gear up with equipment ranging from guitars and keyboards to microphones and video recorders.

However, for months Saturday night was often a bust for online sales. The rush of music equipment buyers would show up, but often when a buyer placed, say, a new Vox SSC-33 electric guitar, into’s shopping cart, the checkout process stalled. Every Saturday night the same issues were coming up and the situation left us scratching our heads.

Our buyers were able to locate their desired items on our e-commerce site. They added these items to their cart, but buyers were unable to complete the transaction. Our store was effectively closed and we had no clue why.

How did Rigor change things for you?

By leveraging Rigor’s monitoring platform 24/7 and testing our checkout process every 5 minutes, we learned that our intermittent issues weren’t intermittent at all. In fact, our outage occurred during the same 90 minute window every week. Using Rigor’s data, we learned that our database servers were becoming temporarily disconnected from other servers supporting the site. With the product database disconnected from the web site, the site’s shopping cart was simply unable to process purchases of carted products.

We contacted our hosting provider and soon learned that these outages occurred during routine maintenance periods conducted by our hosting service on Saturday nights. Our provider’s weekly maintenance was what was preventing our buyers from making purchases.

In the end, Rigor gave us the information we needed to isolate the problem and diagnose it. Simply put, if we weren’t running Rigor’s monitoring system, our lost sales would have continued to go undetected.

If we weren't running Rigor's monitoring system, our lost sales would have continued to go undetected

About Paul:

As co-founder and CEO of Unique Squared, Paul is accountable for the daily operations of the eCommerce site and his team. In 2013, Paul helped co-found Ally Commerce, a complete ecommerce outsourcing solution for branded manufacturers selling direct-to-consumer. Their services include web design, marketing, pricing, customer service / sales support, warehousing, inventory and order management, fulfillment, and returns management.

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