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Monitor Key Conversion Funnels

Is performance negatively impacting KPIs such as shopping cart abandonment, average order value, or your overall conversion rate? Use Rigor to baseline and trend performance for site entry points and user conversion funnels such as moving through a checkout process or logging into an account.

Benchmark Against the Competition

Build and maintain your competitive advantage by keeping an eye on key competitors and understanding how you stack up on KPIs such as render time, load time, page size, and number of resources loaded.

Optimize 1st and 3rd Party Content

Understand how rich media content impacts your site’s performance and quickly optimize. Rigor can identify, prioritize by severity and remediate unoptimized content that is hosted on your internal servers or content that is served externally.

Personalize Performance

Define the severity of specific performance defects and hide known or low-priority issues to increase the efficiency of your team and reduce noise. Customize your performance policies for individual sites or brands with unique needs.

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