Meet the first digital performance management platform with an integrated optimization engine

Actively Monitor Anything Over The Web

  • Websites

    Baseline performance for single or multipage transactions

  • Mobile Web

    Trend response times for key mobile services

  • APIs

    Capture realtime availability data for mission critical web services

  • Video Services

    Test that video players are present and interactive

  • Ads

    Understand the performance and reliability of ad servers and exchanges

  • Cloud Apps

    Ensure externally managed services are meeting their SLAs

  • Servers

    Proactively ping servers to gain instant uptime visibility

  • 3rd Parties

    Identify the impact of external content and keep providers honest

Get Ahead of UX Issues

  • Detect and correct performance problems before they impact users
  • Monitor user flows and transactions in production and staging environments
  • Track performance changes before and after deploys

See How You Stack Up

  • Compare your response times against competitors
  • Increase your advantage by becoming the fastest site in your market

Rigor is a great tool for quickly graphing and visualizing website performance over time and benchmarking against key competitors.

Diagnose Defects

  • Pinpoint resources holding you back from hitting your performance goals
  • Trend response times and page weights across domains
  • A/B test how your site would perform without a third party service – no code changes required

Alert on What Matters Most

  • Be the first to know when a website or API endpoint is unavailable
  • Reduce noise with customizable criteria, thresholds, and alerting windows
  • Receive real-time notifications via email, text message, phone call, or integrate with your favorite chat or alerting system

Rigor Can Help You Optimize

  • Server Configuration

    Compression, cookies, caching, redirects, crawling, and SSL

  • Network and CDN

    HTTP/2, persistent connections, origin settings, edge node caching

  • JavaScript

    Code flow, out-dated libraries, slow loops or poor DOM interaction

  • CSS and Web Fonts

    Critical path rendering, selectors, style declarations, font format optimizations

  • Images

    Lossless optimizations, smart lossy optimizations, WebP, Progressive JPEGs, favicons

  • Mobile and Tablet

    Responsive design, platform specific issues

  • HTML5 Video

    Streaming and seeking, MP4, WebM, bitrate and profile settings, animated GIFs

  • 3rd Parties

    Bloated ads, single-point-of-failure, blocking JS, API dysfunction

And Hundreds More

Discover Optimizations

  • Run your site against hundreds of custom-curated web performance rules
  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to resolve issues, ranked by effort and severity
  • Download automatically optimized images and minified files

Rigor puts actionable site performance at the top of my inbox daily, and allows me to highlight opportunities to improve page performance to our developers in a straightforward, transparent and intuitive way.

See Only the Most Important and Relevant Defects

  • Define the severity of specific defects and hide known or low-priority issues
  • Break defects out based on department and job role
  • Create custom check policies for individual sites or brands with unique needs

Integrate Into Your Workflow

  • Alert if performance degrades or improves after a deploy
  • Pull performance data into your own dashboards, builds, or testing tools
  • Quickly share defect reports with members of your team – no login required

Understand Your Users and Prioritize Performance Optimizations for Key

  • Networks

    See every user network including: 4G, 3G, Wifi, backbone

  • Devices

    Diagnose device-specific performance defects

  • OS

    Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows, Linux

  • Browser

    Be alerted to region-specific outages or slowdowns

  • Geographies

    Proactively ping servers to gain instant uptime visibility

  • 3rd Parties

    Isolate 3rd parties that slow performance for your entire user base

  • Conversion Funnels

    Correlate conversion changes with performance improvements

  • Web Pages

    Identify the most impactful web pages for performance optimization

Correlate performance with business metrics

  • Map your user data to key performance indicators: bounce rate, conversions, session length, revenue, and any other metric you care about and measure.
  • Gain immediate understanding of the correlation between load time and availability and your business.

Prioritize performance optimization efforts

  • Maximize your ROI by focusing optimization efforts on pages whose conversion rates are most positively impacted by performance improvements.
  • Work smarter by improving performance defects that impact the majority of your users rather than a small subset.
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